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The history of Athens Laundry begins at 1968.

Ioannis Kokkinis, radio operator of the commercial navy, having seen -in his many journeys around the world- the great appeal of Laundromat stores, opens the first Laundromat at Athens Center.

At first, people washed their clothes themselves, in time though, they put their trust in the caring and experienced hands of the store's personnel. Mrs. Alexandra, wife of Ioannis Kokkinis, sharing the same love for the taking care of clothes of the central Athenians, stood by his side, for the next 40 years.

retro laundry

In 2011, their two experienced in the cleaning business daughters, Argyro and Evaggelia, took control of the company. The whole mechanical equipment was replaced by a new one of the latest technology, so as to keep offering high quality cleaning services, as always.

Speaking of the washing and cleaning of clothes, we should never forget that it's not something impersonal, but rather, it is based on a mutual relationship of intimate trust, since clothing is part of our self, even though just the external one.

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